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HIPPOS SUPER MICRO: mixture of soluble elements with a special formula and special additives specially designed for forage crops
(Alfalfa, Sorghum, Maize) and on top of it (Alfalfa) in order to stimulate the balanced growth of the plant and the correct establishment, as well as to stimulate Rhizobium bacteria in the Alfalfa crop, where it constitutes the first stage of the plant’s life (Crop establishments
stage) The most important and dangerous stages in which it requires accelerating the plant and growth to avoid competition with weeds, and increasing the cross branching of the plant, and establishing a strong root system It works to increase production and raise quality

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Product formula: Mixture of soluble elements
Active ingredients in the product:
(Iron 4% – Zinc 4% – Manganese 3% – Boron 1.5% – Copper 0.5% – Molybdenum 0.3%)

بذور الهيبوس AGR. ذ م م.

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